Healing People & Planet
with Hemp and Cannabis

We are passionate pioneers creating hemp-based
natural solutions — from seed to product.

Our Products & Services

Using all the superpowers of the Hemp and Cannabis plant.

Medical Cannabis

We produce controlled, third party testing, medical marijuana (THC) for open markets.

CBD Wellness

We invent, create and produce food and beauty products for people’s wellness. And for pets, too.

Industrial hemp

We produce hemp-based material solutions to offer sustainable alternatives for various industries.

What We Do

Certified Hemp Breeding & Cultivation

Our experienced farmers grow top-quality hemp following advanced regenerative agriculture principles. Years of scientific research resulted in unique technologies to make the most out of our plants — sustainably.

Unique Product Manufacturing

We produce everything from Hemp — CBD products for Beauty, F&B and Pets, Medical Cannabis and Hemp-based industrial materials solutions. Our facilities are powered by the best agrotechnologies.

Committed Brand Accelerator

We advocate for brands that improve people’s wellness and answer every-day needs. To do so, we create our own brands and we help other brands succeed.

Local Impact, Global Reach

PSC Group has successfully built a symbiotic ecosystem of local actors. Farmers, facilities, R&D centers, brands and distributors work together in 3 leading global markets; the U.S., Israel, and the EU. And we continue our expansion to new markets around the world.

Committed to transform people’s wellbeing

We believe in a world where people take care of their wellbeing, embracing natural hemp-based solutions and contributing to sustainable ecosystems.

Let’s work together


PSC has raised over USD 20 millions (seed, A series, B series) from dozens of investors and is listed on stock exchange TASE-UP platform.


We support regulators in market openings to maximize value for the population, the economy and the environment.


We provide raw material. We develop private/white label & in-house brand products. And we provide marketing strategies and tools to grow your brand.

Pioneering the hemp
revolution since 2014

We are the leading Israeli American cannabis & hemp group, bringing

Israeli cannabis and agri-tech know-how to the global market

  • 2014

    We started growing hemp at our beautiful Colorado power house

  • 2015

    Built our production capabilities in Colorado

  • 2017

    First medical cannabis venture in Israel

  • 2018

    First series fundraise and M&As

  • 2019

    Establishing broad vertically integrated infrastructure model and product development capabilities in the US

  • 2020

    Global expansion: Europe

  • 2021

    Successful TASE UP (TLV Stock Exchange) listing M&As

  • 2022

    Brand launch, global expansion (Rif Cultures)


Our People

We are passionate farmers, scientists and entrepreneurs on a mission to heal people and planet with hemp-based natural solutions.
We share a combined experience in agronomy, technology and business and a strong belief in the power of hemp to improve the overall wellbeing of people and planet.

Passionate farmers for Top Quality Hemp

We breed, grow, cultivate and extract the highest quality organic hemp at our state-of-the-art farms and facilities with the best sustainable agritech solutions.

CBD & Hemp News

Stay up to date with the latest CBD & Hemp news.

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