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The global hemp and cannabis market is exploding, displaying stellar growth rates. It is projected to grow to about $200 bn in 2028 (Fortune, 2022). Cannabis legalization is gaining momentum all over the world, along with a growing interest for natural wellness solutions like CBD. In addition, industrial applications of hemp have gained a lot of worldwide attention in recent years.

Opportunities in this robustly dynamic market are infinite. And we’re dedicated to seize them.

Invest in our vertically-integrated model

PSC is not a typical cannabis company. Since 2014, we have been working on creating a vertically integrated model. From breeding to products and brands, we control the entire value chain. This enables us to share intelligence and data and create new products and formulas very quickly.

We are a growing ecosystem of growers, producers and brands. Our group include R&D centers, innovation labs, production facilities, farms and brands, working together following symbiotic principles, sharing informations and good practices.

Opportunities in this robustly dynamic market are infinite. And we’re dedicated to seize them.

Seize the opportunity of Agritech at its finest

We believe in the bright future of the hemp industry. But we also believe the big potential of this ancestral plant will only be unleashed through disruptive technologies. Wether in agriculture (Breeding Program), extraction (CO2 tech) and production (Industrial Innovation), we put technology at the core of our activities.

That’s why we call ourselves an agritech: we are reinventing hemp exploitation through technologies.

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With over USD 20 millions raised (seed, A series, B series) from dozens of investors and funds, PSC Group has become an established global leader of the industry.

Assaf Danziger

CEO of NovoCure, a global oncology company.

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Aharon Levy

CEO of A.L.Electronics Ltd

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Israel Farchi

CEO of Elbit

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Yoel Grinboim

CEO of Neopharm

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