PSC’s Story

PSC Group is led by hemp-growing pioneers, scientists, product developers and entrepreneurs who apply their expertise to deliver the full PSC experience to partners and customers alike. Our rapid growth and what propels our vision lies in our team, its varied expertise and the science behind the process.

Our team of industry challengers shares a combined experience of 120 years in various fields. >> Get to know the team.

The Science


Our agricultural team directs the breeding program, housed at our cultivation farm in Colorado’s Western Slope region, and has developed and bred over 120 genotypes of hemp, including the CDA-approved B11 industrial hemp strain. Additionally, it oversees growth and cultivation protocols, administers various genetic field trials, develops mechanical harvest and drying methods in Israel and Colorado, and manages an extraction facility in Colorado. Each step in our processes is backed by lab analysis and tests – including tests administered by third parties. Our fields are grown organically with no use of pesticides. .


In-house R&D facility We use the latest technologies, such as DNA markers (snips) and lab analysis, to define the cannabinoid profile of our new hybrids. Selected hybrids are then tested during their growing phase to ensure selection of the best performing varieties. Mass scale extraction facility Separate to our in-house extraction capabilities, we use SFE (Supercritical CO2 extraction) to produce high quality cannabinoid extracts in large scale, through our joint venture with Thar Process. This is considered the cleanest and most effective method to maintain a 95% yield.


We offer various post-processing capabilities, including innovative water-soluble solutions, that can service a myriad of CBD-infused product explorations. Our in-house product experts currently focus on several consumer categories while offering consulting services to various sized clients.

Our Vision

We aspire to become an indispensable player in the CBD industry by expanding our offerings, perfecting our products and partnering with key-players who share our commitment to transform the overall well-being of people around the world.

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