Product Manufacturing

We produce everything from hemp — full spectrum CBD, medical cannabis and other hemp-derived products. Using the best agrotechnologies, we pioneer the hemp revolution by inventing new products to meet the needs of consumers.

What I love with hemp is the infinite space for innovation. With over 40 years of experience in formula design, I still have lots to uncover in the cannabis area — and a magnificent opportunity to shape the future of it with PSC.

Yossi Segal, Chief Chemist of PSC R&D Division

Competitive Products, powered by innovation

We create and produce products for all industries: food & beverage, cosmetics, pet, wellness and medical.

For each, we have developed strong poles of expertise. Our R&D and innovation labs continuously strive to improve, test and invent formulas. Thanks to our internal breeding, growing and extracting capabilities, we can master the development of new hemp-derived products from end to end. We adjust our hemp production to fit end consumer needs or desires. 

CO2 Extraction for Top Quality Hemp

We partnered with Thar Process, a global leader in CO2 oil extraction and purifying, to establish one of the largest hemp extraction facilities in Colorado.

This innovative method allows us to remove organically unwanted or toxic ingredients, while maintaining a tremendous 95% yield rate.

It is the most effective method to produce a stable and consistent full spectrum hemp extract. It enables a thorough extraction that best conserves the plant’s cannabinoid profile, while preserving the desired richness of the various cannabinoids and terpenes that the plant offers.

Transparency, Traceability & Testing

Rigorous lab analyses ensure full transparency in all stages and throughout all products: our oil is traceable; we know the field it was grown in and its specific cannabinoid profile. Through dosage testing we are also able to guarantee the potency of our products and their stability.

Our robust 3rd party testing procedures are of the highest standard. Testing includes cannabinoid and terpene profile analysis, microbial contamination analysis, residual solvents and heavy metals detection.

This ensures dosage accuracy. Certificates of Analysis are available upon request for all our products.

Discover our Products

Medical Cannabis

We produce controlled, third part tested, medical marijuana (THC) for open markets.

CBD Wellness

We invent, create and produce food and beauty products for people’s wellness. And for pets, too.

Industrial hemp

We produce hemp-based materials solutions to offer sustainable alternatives for various industries.

Private/White label

Our products are available for white and private labeling. We can deliver final, packaged products with your branding, based on our proprietary recipes. We also collaborate with existing companies to co-create specific product lines. If we currently do not have your dream product, we have the ability to explore and quickly add this capability to our activities. Reach out to us and let’s discuss your specific, unmet needs.

Together with chef Mika Sharon, we spent a year of research and exploration, culminating in the creation of an innovative superfood product line: a very special CBD scent that achieves the perfect balance between hemp's earthy flavor and the flavor of our products.

Yossi Segal, Chief Chemist of PSC R&D Division

Our Facilities

Colorado, US

– Since 2015
– Produces Tinctures, Gummies, Edibles, Supplements
– Fully Certified cGMP, USDA Organic, Kosher, Halal

US East Coast Facility

– Over 35 Years in the premium personal care
– Produces Plastic Tubes, Set Boxes, Gift Bags, Travel Sets,
and Beauty Accessories
– 16 Acres of Lush Land
– Fully Certified cGMP, FDA, OTC, USDA Organic


partnership and collaboration with leading Israeli cannabis facility

– 13 Years of clinical research
– 22 Tonnes of
inflorescences and oil extract per Year
– Produces Medical Cannabis