Water Soluble Hemp Oil Solutions

Oil and water don’t mix well. This reality makes things a bit tricky for hemp oil and cannabinoids – as well as other oil-soluble plant extracts – since most products and supplements we use are not oil-based. In its natural oil form, hemp extracts can only be effectively incorporated into the body through a limited range of uses.

That is why presently, one of the main focuses of our R&D lab is the development and improvement of water-based hemp extract oil methods and solutions .

The Importance of Water Soluble SolutionsThe demand for products containing standardized items and specific cannabinoids (the molecules and chemical compounds found in the cannabis/hemp plant that interact with the human body’s endocannabinoid system to moderate a number of bodily functions) is global and rapidly increasing greatly exceeds current supplies. Consequently, many available market products are substandard in quality or questionable at best. Indeed, research has found that as much as 95 percent of ordinary cannabinoids are destroyed on their way to the bloodstream. These products provide only a fraction of the positive effects realized from cannabinoid products. Therefore, without efficient and improved bioavailability (or The degree to which an active ingredient becomes available for its desired purpose after entering the body), ordinary cannabinoid products are of a somewhat limited use.

Hemp and cannabinoids – such as, CBD, CBG and CBN – are lipophilic (faty) compounds that are water insoluble and thereby do not disperse well in water-based formulations. Consequently, this results in poor biological absorption and bioavailability. Thus end consumers need to intake very high volumes of products containing hemp extracts to enjoy their benefits.

Our Water Soluble ServicesBuilding on our experience with nano and liposomal emulsions, we are in the advanced stages of developing hemp extract oil nano-emulsions (nano-cannabinoids) with a wide range of exceptional consumer/product applications. These formulations are water-compatible. Thus, they can be easily mixed both into food and beverages. In addition to our in-house R&D capabilities, we partnered with a leading US company specializing in providing solutions for the bioavailability of cannabinoids. Their unique, patented technology significantly amplifies cannabinoid absorption into the bloodstream and helps to ensure predictable and consistent results.

Through our in-house technology and our partnerships, we are able to provide hemp extracts that will greatly enhance the transport of cannabinoids into the bloodstream and to sites in the body where it can achieve the desired response and impact.

PSC’s R&D division is led by Israeli leading chemist Yossi Segal, who has over 40 years of experience as a researcher and product developer for the cosmetic and food industries. Partnering with experts in relevant fields, he works to produce superior innovation across various industries that help shape the future of CBD. Thanks to our in-house agricultural division, internal breeding, growing and extracting capabilities, we can master the development of new hemp extract/CBD-infused products from end to end and adjust our hemp production to fit consumer needs and desires. Our expertise in hemp allows us to incorporate hemp extracts/CBD in almost any form or product successfully.

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