Create sustainable material alternatives with industrial hemp

Create sustainable material alternatives with industrial hemp

Industrial hemp is 100% exploitable: seeds, fibers and hemp wood all present a value to several end-applications.
When the seed is used mainly for its nutritional qualities and for dermatological applications, fibers and hemp wood based products can provide an eco-friendly alternative to several materials.

Eco-friendly source

Hemp for industrial applications has many benefits, the first being its eco-friendliness.

Industrial hemp is known for its carbon sequestration capabilities: for every ton of industrial hemp stems grown, 1.6 tonnes of CO2 is removed from the atmosphere. Making its production carbon negative: hemp absorbs more of it during its growth than what is emitted by the equipment used for harvesting, its processing and its transport.

Hemp is also efficient in terms of decontamination and cleaning up polluted areas. Hemp removes pesticides and heavy metals from the soil and helps restore the soil fertility.

Its short growth cycle and high yield make it a unique material for sustainable industrial products. At PSC, we want to be a part of its development and contribute to reducing construction waste and pollution.

Sustainable industrial products

Hemp-made materials are particularly relevant to answer the increasing demand in green materials. It can be used for fiber, blocks, textile, bioplastic or cattle feeding.
In the present contexte, we are convinced that it can help mitigate raw material shortages and protect companies and consumers from price surges.

Our robust 3rd party testing procedures are of the highest standard. Testing includes cannabinoid and terpene profile analysis, microbial contamination analysis, residual solvents and heavy metals detection.

This ensures dosage accuracy. Certificates of Analysis are available upon request for all our products.

Our hemp adheres to the strictest of quality standards:
– organically grown;
– non-GMO;
– vegan & cruelty free;
– approved by the CDA (Colorado Department of Agriculture) and the CSGA (Colorado Seed Growers Association) as a certified and exclusive industrial hemp variety.

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